More Racing!

We are fairly satisfied with the ADRL and NHRA finals. We qualified at both events and made some ok runs.
We should have needed more test runs.... There were a big difference in fuel, ratios and so on with the new blower. I know theres much more in the car, and I hope we can get it out in Florida the next couple of weekends!

Next Wednesday we are heading west again! Trying to get everything organized from over here in Europe is not easy... Im lucky to have good friends that are helping me out! John, Jeff, Ricky and Frank. Thanks guys. We have sold one of our motors, and orderd a new one from Mike Janis. We were very satisfied with the blower that came from Mike, so we decided to give them the chanse to build us some more power!
As always we have strong Swedish coffe to give away to all that have one of our T-shirts or caps on!

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